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We're Back for FALL!

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

BusyButternut ordering has reopened and we're ready for fall orders. Pickup and Delivery will begin Friday, Sept. 17th - Preorder now! Order online:


How does catering work?

All items/prices are PER TRAY. Trays consist of 12-16 pieces of ONE individual item. For example, all trays are $31, however, turkey panini triangles will only have 12 pieces/sandwiches, whereas cucumber feta bites have 16. It is size and product dependent based on how many we can fit on a tray and cost of product.

What do the trays look like?

There are 3 tray options:

- We can drop off items packed in recyclable aluminum containers and you transfer them to your own platters/trays.

- We can drop off items on recyclable plastic serving trays (select from 5 different colors) wrapped tightly for transport. Simply remove wrapping and serve.

- We drop off and setup items and decor on wooden serving trays and we will come to pick them up after your event is completed and is convenient for you.

How do things stay warm or cold?

- All food is delivered to you temperature controlled. Most, if not all, is great at room temperature for up to 4 hours.

Can I substitute/add/remove items?

- We try our best to have a menu that provides many different dietary and allergy restricted items so everyone has something they love. If however, you would like to remove something from a dish (ie: walnuts from the pumpkin cheesecake), we can accommodate.

How far in advance do we need to order?

- We would very much appreciate at least 3 days notice for sweet treats, charcuterie, and smaller catering jobs. For larger events, please email to see if our schedules line up with date, number of people, theme or types of items.

Can I mix and match catering, sweet treats, holiday orders, and charcuterie?

- Yes! A charcuterie board is always a great item to add on to a catering or holiday order. And if you don't find the exact dessert you'd like on the catering menu for your party, simply add one of the sweet treats to your order.

Do you ship?

- Yes! Many of the items in the Sweet Treats (ie: cake pops, custom cookies, macarons, strawberries) can be 2-day priority mailed to anywhere in the US. They will be packaged tightly and temperature controlled to your destination.

- No meat, dairy, liquid, or heavily perishable items on the fall catering menu will be shipped.

Do you stay and work the party?

- We sure can! BusyButternut has the best staff in the Chicagoland area who will help setup, serve, and cleanup ($25 per hour, per staff). We can also provide a top-notch bartender, however, we currently do not have a liquor license. If YOU or your organization purchases the alcohol, we are legally able to then serve it to your guests. We'll bring all the glassware and mixers!

Do you cater on holidays?

- Yes! We launch a menu themed specifically for almost ALL holidays. Check back soon to see the Halloween menu (one of our favorite days!!).

For additional questions or to book a larger event, please email us at or Chef Cynthia directly at

Thank you for your BusyBusiness!

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