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Healthy Beyond Measure!

It's FriYAY Butternut Friends and I'm SO excited to announce we're working with our great friends and small business owner colleagues at my long time gym, Beyond Measure Fitness Training! BMT for short. :)

BMT is owned and operated by the wonderfully kind, uber smart, and incredibly talented team of Steve and Kate Hlavac. Graduates of North Central College and lover of all things Naperville, fitness and nutrition, they have created what I can personally attest to, as the most incredible community of individuals looking to change their health and well-being. All while having a supportive and encouraging place to do so. It's an adult personal training facility where they have figured out how to make anyone and everyone feel comfortable in the gym. Even as a former personal trainer myself (we're talking 20 years ago), I still get nervous about going to a big box gym, but they have made this experience warm, welcoming and I leave laughing every day.

Sooo.. what does this mean for you?

As a friend of BusyButternut, we want to provide you with as many benefits as possible to also help with your exercise and nutrition! Each month I'll be providing a short video that is nutrition / cooking based, while they pop in with an awesome exercise you can do from home to strengthen specific muscle groups.

Plus, just for being a butternut friend, you’re eligible for a free week during the month of July when you register for their 21 Day Kickstart program!!

Along with the 21 Day program, BusyButternut will be providing 3 of the nutrition recipes - 1 each week - fully cooked, prepared, and ready for pickup at BMT during your participation! Yep, we're talking 3 free individual meals ready to heat-and-eat after your workout! Let us take some of the cooking off your plate, literally. :)

Link for more information on Beyond Measure Fitness Training and The 21 Day Kickstart Program:

New Exercise Video Link:

My Super Simple (albeit ridiculous) Smoothie Video:

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